General information

A universal system credit institution operating in all regions of Ukraine and providing comprehensive banking services under approved Charter and in accordance with Ukrainian law to Ukraine’s residents and nonresidents for the purpose of deriving profit.


Our licenses:

  • registration by the National Bank of Ukraine No 172 dated 19.05.93;

  • banking license of the National Bank of Ukraine No 158 dated 11.10.11 to provide banking services under Article 47 (3) of the Law of Ukraine On Banks and the Banking;

  • general foreign exchange license of the National Bank of Ukraine No 158 dated 11.10.11;  

  • licenses of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine:

    • dealer license series АГ No 580075 dated 30.12.11;

    • broker license series АГ No 580074 dated 30.12.11;

    • underwriter license series АГ No 580076 dated 30.12.11;

    • depository license series АЕ No 263320 dated 17.09.13;

    • mutual investment institution assets storage license series АЕ No 263321 dated 17.09.13;

    • securities management license series АE No 263193 dated 16.08.13;

  • certificate of member of the Individual Deposit Insurance Fund No 019 dated 16.10.12 on registration of Khreschatyk Bank in the Register of IDIF Member (Provisional Member) Banks, registration No 20 dated 02.09.99.


Form of ownership: public joint-stock company.


Foundation date: 19 May 1993. Registered as Zgoda Commercial Bank for Development of Entrepreneurship, Limited Liability Company. In August 1998, pursuant to resolution of the Meeting of Members, the bank’s Charter was amended and the bank’s name was changed to Khreschatyk Commercial Bank for Development of Municipal Economy and Entrepreneurship. Since 2000: Khreschatyk Commercial Bank Open Joint-Stock Company, since May 2010: Khreschatyk Commercial Bank Public Joint-Stock Company


Our mission

Meeting the needs of every customer, corporate or private, in high quality and highly secure banking services, and developing on this basis an efficient banking business capable of protecting and ensuring continuous augmentation of customer and shareholder moneys.


Strategic goal

Continuous expansion of our banking business to reach leadership positions on the basis of flexible bank management system adaptable to the changing market environment.


Priority areas of our activity:

  • providing comprehensive services to customers of various forms of ownership;

  • continuing development of corporate and retail sectors;

  • supplying promising, highly-efficient and reliable automated banking systems and products;

  • expanding our presence on international financial market;

  • development of municipal and corporate securities market;

  • development of our branch network;

  • development of investment business;

  • development of banking products that involve use of the national and international payment systems;

  • development of own payment card processing center (opened in 2007).


Our auditors:

  • APiK, an independent audit firm: audits of financial statements according to international standards;

  • Cadastre Audit LLC: audits of financial statements according to requirements of Ukrainian law and regulatory acts of the National Bank of Ukraine.


Our rating agencies:

  • Fitch Ratings;

  • Credit Rating.


Membership in professional organizations

  • Ukrainian Credit and Banking Union (UCBU);

  • Ukrainian Interbank Foreign Exchange (UIFE);

  • Stock Partnership Association (formerly PFTS);

  • PFTS Stock Exchange, Private Joint-Stock Company;

  • Ukrainian Stock Exchange OJSC;

  • Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories (PARD);

  • Ukrainian Stock Traders Association (USTA);

  • Individual Deposit Insurance Fund;

  • The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (S.W.I.F.T.) and Reuters'2000;

  • MasterCard WorldWide and Visa International (principal members: Visa International since 2006, merchant acquiring license issued in 2012; MasterCard Worldwide since 2007);

  • National System of Mass Electronic Payments (NSMEP), principal member since 2001;

  • UkrSWIFT Association;

  • First All-Ukrainian Credit History Bureau;

  • EMA Ukrainian Interbank Payment Systems Member Association;

  • All-Ukrainian Securities Depository PJSC (AUSD PJSC);

  • Kyiv – Beijing Association for Business Cooperation;

  • Bankers Club.


Address: Ukraine, 01001 Kyiv, vul. Khreschatyk 8-А


Information Service: 0 (44) 490-25-00


Hotline: 0-800-500-212 (toll-free in Ukraine)